New Recording

Winter’s Run

is my latest musical offering! . Inspired by the mystery of the Winter season this work recreates the moods and feelings associated with this time of year, the descent from Autumn to dark December , the euphoria and release of Christmas ,the fascination and wonder of snow filled landscapes and finally the hope and redemption of Spring.

release date October 1 2018



upcoming gig for my band Strictly Dan

our 1st live perormance

our 1st live perormance


Come and see us on the evening of March 8th at Riffs bar , Greatfield

Address: 26 Greatfield, Swindon SN4 8EQ

Phone:01793 778304

see also our Band  facebook page


Welcome to my new blog – and I hope you enjoy it.

This blog is a companion for my official website,, where you will find information about my professional life as a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, as well as background information about my work as a musician and composer.

I also have a blog for my professional medical work. To visit it click here.

Latest read – Nevil Shute ‘In the Wet’

In the rainy season in Queensland…an old man lies dying. In his opium  hazed final hours he tells his priest an apparent first hand account of an adventure set…… decades in the future!!

One of the most interesting things about this book is Shute’s description of a multiple voting system set in a fictional Australia of the future. Democracy is somewhat distorted as individuals have the opportunity to obtain multiple votes based on their ‘value to society’. The number of votes is awarded based on the following ;

1) everyone gets a basic vote 2) a second vote if youve got a higher degree , or joined a profession or commissioned in the army 3) a 3rd vote if you lived and worked outside Australia for at least 2 years 4) a vote if youve raised 2 children to age 14 without getting divirced 5) if youve earned beyond a certain level of income  6) an official of the church(!!) 7) a national honour

I  like the principle if not the detail !!!

This is a very strangely readable book , set in a fictional  gloomy troubled UK of the future , which is on the point of rejecting its monarchy , and governed by a bunch of mediocre socialist non entities!!